Friday, June 6, 2014


Its SO great to be back! I cannot believe it has taken me this long to post again and now that I'm back writing I realise how much I've missed it. What a whirlwind of emotion, stress and happiness the past month and a half have been surrounded by. In one month I have flown between 4 countries, turned 18, studied and taken my final exams, graduated high school and now im ready to sit down and tell you all about it. 

Going back to April... yes all the way back to april, I went to Brazil. The trip was mainly for two purposes; my cousin's wedding, but also to visit my family. It was one of the best trips I ever had there. Although I was stressing about studying for finals, it was great to see my family again and get away from my routine. Here are my instagram pictures that illustrate all I was up to while being there.

After spending 2 weeks in Brazil, it was time to come back. On the 30th of April it was my 18th birthday! Being an ultimate fashion fanatic, my birthday would not be complete without a very personal touch which couldn't pass by unshared... here is what my birthday cake looked like:

After my birthday, it was all work and no play for a month. So much studying, little sleep and A LOT of stress, it seemed like it never was going to end... but slowly as each exam passed, summer seemed to be closer and closer which gave us all that extra boost of energy to give it our all. After my last exam I was still stressing... but at the end of the day there is nothing to do anymore, its now time to sit back and wait for the results. 

Just after finishing my exams we had our high school graduation and then it was time to prepare for my graduation trip to PUNTA CANA in the Dominican Republic, which I just got back from. I will soon be posting my Punta Cana photo diary so keep updated for that. In the meantime I'll share this one picture from my instagram to make you a little jealous...

That is all for now! I'm officially on summer holidays and with tons of exciting news and posts coming your way! Make sure to keep updated through my Instagram and Facebook page.


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    Eea P

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