Friday, August 8, 2014

The Playsuit

Welcome back everyone! I hope you're all enjoying your summer holidays in the best possible way: going to the beach, hanging out with all your friends, partying, catching up with the TV shows you couldn't keep up with during the school year and also just doing nothing, enjoying the freedom!

I'm now back from my 3 week stay in the beautiful city of Chicago!! This trip could not have been more amazing! The city had the perfect combination between an urban up-beat lifestyle, but also a more relaxed one because only 2 minutes away from the busy Michigan Ave. (kind of like the 5th Ave. of Chicago) you had lake side beaches and calmer neighbourhoods. 

All in all, it was for sure one of the best holidays of my life. Having family there also made it that much more enjoyable and fun! I hope you all liked this easy, laid-back look with a little Givenchy treasure stolen from the Mother's wardrobe :)

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