Monday, January 27, 2014

Trench Coat in the Sun

SUNNY BUT COLD! In Lisbon the weather has been absolutely crazy! One minute its sunny, the next its raining, plus there is a cold current that has really recently hit. We can't be deceived by the sun because it is still very cold! 
Mondays are always my least favorite day. Getting back to the upbeat work rhythm is never fun... Don't you always wish the weekends would last just a couple more days?! This weekend in particular was very special, filled with amazing accomplishments. I hit over 1000 likes on my facebook page (HERE), saw my Teen Vogue feature (HERE) and to my biggest surprise saw my blog on a small feature on none other than New York Magazine (HERE- I'm on picture nº24). All of this brings me such happiness and pushes me to work harder towards achieving my personal goals. I find it important to always try your best at whatever you do because the rewards will come in time.
Thank you all for the support!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


TEEN VOGUE FASHION CLICK! VERY VERY Exciting news! I was selected as a teen vogue Fashion click blogger!!! Arghh I'm so happy about this, as I've been trying to make it happen for a very long time now. What this means is that your looks and blog posts are 'monitored' by the teen vogue offices and other 'fashion click' bloggers/ teen vogue subscribers can vote on your looks. This gives bloggers a chance of being featured on teen vogue website on their daily style section which is amazing for gaining greater global exposure. This is very motivating and shows that hard work pays off! I can't wait to continue expanding this creative space of mine.
On to other fashion related talk; how amazing are these sunglasses by none other than Chanel?! The different colored over-sized bow compliments your whole look, adding a touch of femininity. These are the iconic glasses of this season for the 'Chanel Maison' and I'm very happy I got a chance to style them. 

I hope you liked this look, checking in for more looks throughout the week!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Into the Blue

BLUE without a doubt my favorite color when it comes to clothes. If there is ever a choice 
between two of the same pieces in different colors, it is highly likely that I'll end up going for the blue option. I find it such a versatile color. Dark blue is a great neutral which makes anyone wearing it elegant, plus its a great alternative to black! Lately I've also been loving pastel blue. I think it goes specifically well for the winter season. When I saw this big coat in this specific color... something clicked, I just couldn't pass it up! This is such a staple piece to a look that my suggestion is to keep everything else quite neutral. Here I opted for all black (with a hint of print in my shoes), however I think that an all white look with this coat over it would look amazing as well!
I hope you like these pictures, they are a few of my favorite in a long time!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rome Look 6- From Rome With Love

Finally my last look from my Rome trip featuring a classic combination of colors; red and blue.
Hope you like it and have a great end to your weekend :)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rome Look 5- Superga for the Blonde Salad

TRASTEVERE. Such a picturesque city just across the river. Here we found amazing restaurants in every corner, gardens and lets not even get into how adorable all the little streets are. There is always lots left to discover in such places. 
Having bought these new superga trainers from 'The Blonde Salad' capsule collection, by my all time favorite blogger Chiara Ferragni I had to start wearing them on the day after. They are very comfortable and I'm so glad I found them as I've wanted something from Chiara's collection for a long time now! 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rome Look 4- Lace + Knit

Finally here is the first look at my precious new bag! I adore it and you'll sure be seeing a lot of it in the future as this is a piece that will last a lifetime!  I've always imagined buying a Céline bag in beige but once I spotted this one at the store it was love at first sight. The colors are all very neutral and match just about every piece in my closet, plus I found that a three-colored bag stood out much much that the regular beige or black one. 
This whole ensemble is made up from ZARA pieces. Wearing lace-hemmed dresses with big chunky knits on top was (and continues to be) a big trend. I wore a look along the same lines in London (HERE) but I actually prefer this one better as the lace is more visible. 
Today was the last day of my holidays. I'm certainly not at all looking forward to going back into school tomorrow, a feeling that all of us can relate to! I wish you all the best of luck in your 2014 starts!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Rome Look 3- Tartan Scarf

Here is my first official post of 2014, wohoo! Looking back at all my pictures from Italy make me really miss Rome and I'm increasingly getting that sad, end-of-holiday feel but I guess that's normal. 
This type of scarf has got to be my new favorite! It is very voluminous which is all you can ask for in cold days. When this scarf is unfolded its so big that you can honestly use it as a blanket- just pointing it out there- its great to have with you in a plane.
Hope you all had a great start to the year!

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