Friday, April 11, 2014

End of an Era

I can't believe it even as I'm writing it, but its true... Yesterday was my last day of high school! What??! Where has time gone? I know it sounds cliché but time has truly flown by. It seems like yesterday that I was only 11 years old, coming into this brand new school and feeling so frightened with all this new information to take in.  

I've been so fortunate to have studied in the most amazing school, which I can now also call a second home. I have made the best memories, met the most amazing people and learned so much in this environment that it truly saddens me to think that this hugely important period of my life is over. However, that is how life works! We live in constant cycles, the closing of one leads to many new opportunities and that new stage in my life will be university... which I will be going to in September.

I can't thank every single person enough who was involved in making my days so happy and memorable in this outstanding place. Goodbyes are always difficult but I had to finish on a bright note by going around with my best friend, snapping some pictures in some of the most beautiful areas of school. 

Today I leave for Brazil and as you can imagine, I could not be more excited!! I'll be going to visit family but also for a study retreat before my finals. I hope that you all enjoy your spring/easter breaks!

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