Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Inspiring Moments of the Month

Hello guys! Sorry I haven't been frequently updating my blog, but I've actually been really busy running around everywhere and haven't had as much time to dedicate to posts. So today I wanted to do a different post, by sharing with you some inspiring pictures I have currently been loving this month. I think some of these make great wallpapers for computers and mobile phones! Feel free to copy any of the ones you want.

Love Luiza...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Royal Blue- Day to Night Look

Hi guys! Today I'm going to show you another day to night look I wore out here in Rio. Today I visited the 'Jardim Botânico' an amazing garden, and at night went out to dinner at a famous restaurant called 'Porcão'.

So here are some day time pictures:

T-shirt from 'Massimo Dutti', Shorts from 'American Eagle Outfitters', Necklace from 'Mango', Shoes from 'Keds' 

For a more night-time look I changed my necklace into something a little more extravagant and changed my shoes to some more shiny flats:

Necklace from Zara and flats from Bimba & Lola

So thats it! Tomorrow I head back to São Paulo and I have plans to make some more different posts so watch out for that :)

Love, Luiza

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Festival Fashion #4 - Zara Items

Hey guys! So this is the last look I put together for summer festivals, it is featuring all items from the store 'Zara'.

I think that this is a really casual and laid-back look to wear for a festival. The floral shorts go really well with the jeans shirt, and combined with the hand bag and the head band it gives it a really 'boho' edge to the whole outfit.

So tomorrow I'm going to be going to a summer festival in Lisbon, with some friends, called 'Optimus Alive' and there I'll take outfit pictures so can share with you later :)

See you in the next post,
love, Luiza

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Festival Fashion- Top Shop Items

Hey guys! So here is another festival fashion post I decided to put together and this time the items chosen were from the store 'Top Shop'. This store has really trendy pieces which are great for more daring looks.

Their website is www.topshop.com. Through here you can order items and their shipping fee is very affordable (£ 4). In their website you will finds lots of these high-waisted shorts of many different styles, so it is definitely a good store to check out if you like this trend.

Remember to tweet or instagram me (@luizagrinberg) some of your festival fashion picks and i'll see you in the next post!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Festival Look 2- Stradivarius Items

Hey guys, here is the second post on summer festival looks. For this look I wanted it to be practical, comfortable but at the same time very romantic and feminine.

Items picked from Stradivarius (www.stradivarius.com)

Dress- The fact that it is loose fitting will be very comfortable and some thing you will be able to wear for many hours.

Ballerina Flats- Comfortable, because they are of course flats (which is definitely the way to go in festivals because you generally have to stay standing up for many hours) and they also have studded metal details, making them look edgier.

Jacket- is light but will probably be handy when it starts getting cooler towards night time.

Bag- is practical as you can just strap it around your shoulder and not have to worry about holding things in your hands, and the ring just adds a little bit more detail to the whole look.

Also, notice how all the other items (apart from the dress) in this look are made up of solid neutral colours, this is really important because as you already have a colorful print dress, you don't want any other clashing prints in other items such as the jacket.

Again I'm going to mention that you really don't need to get these exact items from this store. These are just model pieces to inspire you :)

I hope you all have lots of fun in your summer festivals, see you in the next post!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Festival Look 1- Mango Items

Hi guys! As many of you might know during this time of the year Lisbon is very famous for setting up many different summer music festivals, so I decided to come up with a series of different looks with items picked out from four specific different shops. I picked out these specific shops as they are mostly available at every local shopping centre or also available for worldwide online shipping. However these items are of course for inspiration purposes there is no need to go and purchase this specific ones if you have something that looks more or less like it, of course that will also work.

So here is look number 1 created by items from the store 'Mango'

For this look I created something more 'rocker' which is a very appropriate way to dress for a music festival.

Hope this was inspiring in a way and stay tuned because there will be 3 more looks from different stores coming soon :)

Love Luiza

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