Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Festival Look 1- Mango Items

Hi guys! As many of you might know during this time of the year Lisbon is very famous for setting up many different summer music festivals, so I decided to come up with a series of different looks with items picked out from four specific different shops. I picked out these specific shops as they are mostly available at every local shopping centre or also available for worldwide online shipping. However these items are of course for inspiration purposes there is no need to go and purchase this specific ones if you have something that looks more or less like it, of course that will also work.

So here is look number 1 created by items from the store 'Mango'

For this look I created something more 'rocker' which is a very appropriate way to dress for a music festival.

Hope this was inspiring in a way and stay tuned because there will be 3 more looks from different stores coming soon :)

Love Luiza

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