Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rome Look 4- Lace + Knit

Finally here is the first look at my precious new bag! I adore it and you'll sure be seeing a lot of it in the future as this is a piece that will last a lifetime!  I've always imagined buying a Céline bag in beige but once I spotted this one at the store it was love at first sight. The colors are all very neutral and match just about every piece in my closet, plus I found that a three-colored bag stood out much much that the regular beige or black one. 
This whole ensemble is made up from ZARA pieces. Wearing lace-hemmed dresses with big chunky knits on top was (and continues to be) a big trend. I wore a look along the same lines in London (HERE) but I actually prefer this one better as the lace is more visible. 
Today was the last day of my holidays. I'm certainly not at all looking forward to going back into school tomorrow, a feeling that all of us can relate to! I wish you all the best of luck in your 2014 starts!



  1. Love your dress with lace. You have very nice blog and style. I am your new follover now.
    I want to invite you to visit my blog also. I hope you will like it :)

  2. Got my skirts and shorts today at Super fast transaction!


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