Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide- Clothing

Hey everyone! As you all now by now, doing last minute christmas shopping isn't exactly the way to go. I always prefer to start planning ahead of time and get all my gifts before the top 5 busiest days before christmas.  Another common problem, is the following question... what shall I buy?
So, I decided to divide items into different categories to just give you a couple of ideas of what to get for your loved ones... I will do a series of posts based on each category specified :)
The first post will be based on clothing, mainly from a couple of my favorite stores.

1.) Zara

4.) Forever 21 (if resident in Portugal order through their UK website)

As you can see, the majority of the items I posted are mainly aimed at a younger/teenage target, making these items perfect for a gift for either your sisters, best friends or cousins. Most of the items picked are either tops, knitwear or jackets as I think these are the easiest to fit everybody.
Keep checking in for the other categories of gifts to come and i'll also make another clothing post, aimed for mothers.
Lots of love,

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