Saturday, July 12, 2014

Palais Royal

PALAIS ROYAL.  A place I've always wanted to shoot in! Unfortunately there was construction working happening around but that didn't stop us from snapping some pictures. You may now be wondering what this little blue statue is... By chance the artist who made these was there with his photographer to shoot a his brand new campaign. We got to talking and he showed interest in having me pose with his pieces to use as part of his new campaign! The result was an improvised photoshoot right in the heart of Paris! It was so much fun, specially because it was so unexpected!

Following on in the list of surprises, here is my first look with one of my new big purchases; the Givenchy Antigona bag!! As you must know by now bags and sunglasses are my favorite accessories, I'm absolutely crazy about them. This one came because of a special reason, my 18th birthday present. My birthday was all the way back in April but as I knew I was going to Paris in June I told my parents I would rather wait and get something I really wanted while I was there. 

Lastly, I had to share the news that I'm off to Chicago tomorrow morning... as you may be able to guess, excitement levels are high! I'll be staying there for 3 weeks so expect many posts and pictures coming your way. Remember to always keep updated through my instagram @luizagrinberg where I'll be posting my daily adventures.

Shirt: ZARA
Shorts: ZARA
Blazer: ZARA


  1. The pictures with the little statue are so cool, love your classy black and white look. I am obsessed with your Givenchy bag :)

  2. WOHOOO!!!!CONGRATS!!! Keep us updated sobre CHICAGOOOOO <3

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  4. That bag is to die for. Loving the outfit.

    Eea P

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