Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rome Look 1: Céline

CÉLINE! As you can see by the title... this big purchase did happen!!! I am over the moon with happiness! A Céline bag has been an object of adoration of mine for the longest time. The first time I remember seeing one was back in 2011 and instantly falling in love. Over the years, it continued as a growing passion. I would stalk all tumblr blogs dedicated to this bag and simply fan-girl over anyone I saw wearing one. This bag to me is a symbol of elegance. You can wear the simplest combination of clothing and with this bag you look is complete. Need I say anymore... it is a Céline bag! Even going into the store was so unexpected, I can't begin to thank my parents enough!
This was too big of a moment not to share it with all of you, as this is a fashion blog, I though it was appropriate. 
Wait until the following outfit posts to find out what it looks like... suspense... :)
As you can guess already, my first day in Rome was a success. This city is amazing! Beautiful views and monuments everywhere you look, and lets not even get into the food... which is A-MA-ZING.


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