Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I am such a makeup lover! When the autumn/winter season comes around I take every chance to switch things up a bit when it comes to products and colors. For the christmas season I find it inevitable not to gravitate towards slightly darker tones and never leaving behind a great red lipstick. So here are some of my top 'christmas season' picks for lips, face and eye makeup.

Both these lipsticks are great alternatives if you are looking for just a little bit of color. They aren't very pigmented, so its great for a more natural, everyday darker lip color.

These two red lipsticks are two staples everyone should own. The brighter option from 'NYX' is your classic red lipstick color that is so great for christmas parties!
This darker shade from 'Rimmel' is definitely my favorite. When wearing bolder lips I most of the times tend to go for the more 'vampy' shades. This type of color is super on trend and flattering for all skin tones, so there's no going wrong with this one!

A glossy gold is a more toned-down alternative to red lips. It looks great with everything!

Satin taupe is my all-time favorite eye shadow from MAC. Cranberry is amazing for the christmas time, mixing it with a brownish type eye shadow like 'satin taupe' gives an amazing effect!

The more affordable alternative for those that want to experiment with these colors but don't feel like investing on a MAC eyeshadow are these two eyeshadows above. Rimmel 'smokey quartz' is as close as you can get to satin taupe in a drugstore eyeshadow. This eyeshadow from KIKO also gives a slight red-ish tone that resembles 'cranberry'.

The Urban Decay naked palettes are a MUST-HAVE! These palletes are amazing because they come with 12 eyeshadows that so versatile. With this you can create a wide range of day-to-night looks. Here I have the 2nd edition which I feel is more suited for the winter as it has more grey and taupe colors.

This eye-shadow stick is a great all-over lid color. The gold is very easy to wear and the fact that it is in stick form makes it much easier because it eliminates the trouble of having to apply the shadow with a brush, which also saves time.

A high-lighter is something that can glamorize any look. Apply a little bit on your cheek bones to make them stand out with a golden glow. This is one from MAC is my favorite.

'Gingerly' is my perfect autumn/winter blush. It looks great and very natural on your cheeks and is a great alternative to a bright pink color.


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