Thursday, June 20, 2013

New In - ZARA Metallic Oxfords

Hi everyone! Just came to very quickly post this amazing new find of mine from ZARA and to let you know I will be traveling for a few days to Cabo Verde! I've been very excited about this trip for months  because i'll be going with two of my closest friends. I'm of course taking my camera and will try my best to frequently update :)

Olá a todos! Vim rapidamente mostrar-vos esta minha nova compra da ZARA, e avisar que vou viajar durante alguns dias para Cabo verde! Estou muito ansiosa pois vou com mais duas amigas e claro levo a minha máquina para documentar a viajem :)


  1. Hi dear, your blog is amazing, it inspires me so much and I love all of your posts..such an amzing style!! Why don't we keep in touch following each other via bloglovin and gfc? What do you think?
    Let me know and best whishes
    Laura ❤

  2. Ameii, juro o sapato é muito lindo! Quero um! Amei sue blog, super lindo :D To seguindo ! Beijos


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