Friday, January 25, 2013

Guest Post: Being Fashionable at an Accessible Price

Hey Guys! 
Luiza has given me the wonderful opportunity of writing a guest post on her blog. 
During our brain storming sessions we thought that it would be fun for you guys if I were to make a post about being fashionable at an accessible price. 

Fashion is an ever-growing industry and every season there are items we see in the shops that we know we must have! It can be hard to see magazines, look at characters on tv shows and not  feel guilty.

I think that the key to always looking fashionable is investing in timeless pieces. If your wardrobe is filled with pieces that will never go out of fashion then it becomes much easier to simply buy a few new pieces when collections change.
This way instead of spending a lot of money every season buying an entire closet, you find pieces that will compliment each other when worn with what you already own.

As I'm sure you've probably noticed all of the items, except for the jeans, are black and white.
This is because Black and White are two colours that are NEVER out of fashion. Every season you get a new colour that's in and the trick is to pair it up with something more classic in these colours so that the outfit doesn't go over the top. 
It is my opinion that jeans serve for ANY occasion, the only exception the really formal gatherings

Below you have some examples of outfits that showcase what I'm explaining:

Theses photos belong to "Snake Nest" 

Each of these outfits demonstrate careful thinking and coordination including items that you would normally have in your closet! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I'd like to thank Luiza for giving me this opportunity!
It is a huge privilege to be posting on "Wear in Fashion"! If you've enjoyed this post please check out my blog "The Confessions of a Drama Queen", I'm sure you won't be disappointed. 

Lots of Love,

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